done easy and fun.

Tired of selling popcorn and candy bars? Us too. (Also, we're tired of buying your kid's popcorn.)

  • Raise money

  • Don't buy junk you don't want

  • Play a game!

(psst, it's Super Bowl Squares, you've probably played it before)

Let's Play Squares

Start a Game

Ready to start a game for your organization? Just want to organize a game for your office? Sweet, let’s get this party started.


  1. Click the red button above.
  2. Set up the game how you want it to be played (price per square + payouts).
  3. Invite your players or those selling squares.
  4. Fill your game board & have fun!
Join a Game

Did you get invited to play in a Squares game? Well, we’re glad you’re here!

Hopefully you got a little invite code, enter that below and we’ll send you on your way:

Didn’t get a code? Double back and check with the person that invited you to play. They have it.

What’s all this hullabaloo about? We’re glad you asked.

Some FAQ’s will hopefully answer your questions.

How is this a fundraiser?

For years, there have been Super Bowl parties and workplaces that offered a game called ‘squares’ that is a game of chance to bring a little extra excitement to the big game. It’s always been done with pen and paper.

Since our brains think in code, we decided we could do it online and make it easier on everyone.

As far as the fundraising goes, a game consists of 100 squares and you get to sell those squares. You set your price and then we help you determine the payouts to the players and the charity/organization/club of your choice.

You can give 100% of the money raised to the charity if you want but typically the game gives a little bonus back to the quarterly winners during the Super Bowl. You decide.

Is it easy?

Very. Sign up and pay your $20. Set your square price and how much you want going to your charity, we’ll help you with the rest of the math.

Can my grandma play?

That’s the hope. It oughta be easy enough for her to play or we didn’t do our job very well.

How do I know if I win?

Well, first, you probably better have bought a square (your chances go up if you buy more than one). Second, just log in at the top of this page and follow along in the app during the game! You see the squares game action going on while viewing the game on your TV. Remember, fun.

Playing in or hosting more than one game? Don’t worry, they’re all there in one place.

Is it legal?

It’s a raffle. Just a digital one. Duck races, baseball game suites, keep your hand on the car; you’ve done them all before.

What does it cost?

It’s $20 to start a Squares game. That gets you a board with 100 empty squares. You can charge whatever amount you want per square. We’d recommend $10-20 per square, that typically gets you a wider pool of interested players while at the same time raises a decent amount for your charity of choice.

The only other fees would be the dreaded Visa charge. They take like 3%. We can’t do much about that one.

If you want to run more games, awesome! They’re $20.

Who runs this thing?

A couple of knuckleheads in Texas trying to figure out how to pay for their kids’ college and not try to saddle them with a bunch of debt in doing so.

Is it fun?

We think so! People wouldn’t keep playing if it wasn’t!

How do I get paid?

How do you want to get paid? After the game is over, we’ll figure out how to get you your money. We can write you a snail mail check or hit you up on PayPal if you’d prefer.